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Geocaches placing by month and day

Have you ever got the feeling that Geocaching is more popular during spring and summer time than during the winter? Well, I wanted to make sure that this is the case, and made this chart out of the more than … Continue reading

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#1 favorite Geocache (cache with the most favorite votes)

I know you have your own favorite cache. The one which dazzled you, the one that haunts you at night, or the one who got away (just to be found years later in the arms of another geocacher ;-)) Have … Continue reading

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Geocaching USA State Capital – raw data

Hi, In the last post I was asked to share the raw data, so I have posted my data in the following URL. If you’re doing something with it, please share. Thanks, geocachingguy

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geocaching usa – which state is the geocaching capital?

Hi, Have you ever wondered how many caches are there in the states? which state has the most/least caches? which state has the most/least caches per population? what about per its size? And if we can answer all of these … Continue reading

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