#1 favorite Geocache (cache with the most favorite votes)

I know you have your own favorite cache. The one which dazzled you, the one that haunts you at night, or the one who got away (just to be found years later in the arms of another geocacher ;-))

Have you ever thought which geocache has the most favorite votes?

Well, as of Nov 2011, the top list is as following:

1. Geist Des Hagen – a traditional cache located in Hassen Germany with 1093 favorite votes and 2821 finds. The cache owner is die helden. It was hideen in March 2007.*

2. Original Stash Tribute Plaque – located in Oregon with 954 favorite votes and amazing 5500 visits! It was hidden on 2003.

3.  Ring der Nibelungen – a multi cache located in Hassen, Germany. It has 948 favorite votes. It was #1 until recently, and it is inactive for the last few month. It was hidden only on September 2009, and it has 2185 visits.

4.  Lego – einer ist zuviel – traditional cache from Berlin Germany with 865 favorite votes.

5.  Groundspeak Headquarters with 804 votes. I will give you 1 guess where this cache is hidden. I can also give you 2 hints. It has a special type of HQ, and the grounspeak headquarters are located in Seattle.

6.  Schatz des Drachen – an unknown cache located in an unknown place in Hessen Germany. It has 748 votes and it was found by 1780 geocachers.

Want to know something else? Die Helden the geocacher who hid total of 10 caches, hid both Geist Des Hagen, the Ring der Nibelungen cache, this cache, and 3 other caches in the top 25 favorite caches.

If you saw these caches, know why the germany caches are disabled**, or have any thoughts, feel free to leave them.


So long for now,

May the signal be with you!



*Thanks DcCow for this info.

**according to the comments, the caches were disabled because trees in the cache area are going to be cut.

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4 Responses to #1 favorite Geocache (cache with the most favorite votes)

  1. lamoracke from the geocaching forum added the Mission 9: Tunnel of Light. This is an app cache located in Washington with 756 favorite votes making it number 6. It is not in the list is because it is archived.

  2. frosch95 says:

    The owners of 2. Ring der Niebelungen wrote in the listing that currently a lot of trees in the wood will be cut down in the next time (that already started at september 2011), but they try to build up the cache in a few months (2012).

  3. Nighthawk700 says:

    You asked why some of these were disabled. If I’m doing Google Translate right, Ring der Nibelungen and Schatz des Drachen – They will be doing tree felling in the area (cutting down some trees I guess). So maybe the park is closed, or he doesn’t want the responsibility if people are hurt when that happens.

  4. Otis Driftwood says:

    A lot of Caches in Germany are caches in the ruins of old buildings, such as factories, power plants, bunkers and other WWII stuff…at least where I used to live.
    And sometimes, the police doesn’t like to have cachers in those places, so they close them down…

    I didn’t look at the listing of these caches though, so this is only a guess, but it might be something like that….

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