Geocaches placing by month and day

Have you ever got the feeling that Geocaching is more popular during spring and summer time than during the winter?

Well, I wanted to make sure that this is the case, and made this chart out of the more than 700,000 active geocaches in the states.

As you can see, during January and February it’s a little cold for people to geocache, so they stay at home, just to get out during spring time and hide tons of geocaches.

On June when it gets warmer, geocachers have their short break, just to get out more during the long vacation.

The worst Geocaching month is December. Apparently some people prefer spending time in home with their family on Christmas than running freezing when it’s snowing outside. Go figure…

geocaching guy - geocaches placed by month in the states - geocaches placed by month in the states

And what about the day?

As you can see the first of each month is standing out, and the 31st of each month is trailing behind (as there are only seven 31st per year).

Geocaches placed by day - Geocaches placed by day in the states

Finally, what’s the date with the most Geocaches hides?

If you guessed 1/1, then you guessed right. There are more than 3500 hides on this day.

Number 2 is July 4th, and number 3 is September 5th.

Where is December 25th? It’s very low with only ~1000 hidden geocaches.

Last place is taken by February 29th which comes only once in 4 years, and has only 356 hidden caches.

GeocachingGuy - Geocaches by date - Geocaches by date

So long for now. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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#1 favorite Geocache (cache with the most favorite votes)

I know you have your own favorite cache. The one which dazzled you, the one that haunts you at night, or the one who got away (just to be found years later in the arms of another geocacher ;-))

Have you ever thought which geocache has the most favorite votes?

Well, as of Nov 2011, the top list is as following:

1. Geist Des Hagen – a traditional cache located in Hassen Germany with 1093 favorite votes and 2821 finds. The cache owner is die helden. It was hideen in March 2007.*

2. Original Stash Tribute Plaque – located in Oregon with 954 favorite votes and amazing 5500 visits! It was hidden on 2003.

3.  Ring der Nibelungen – a multi cache located in Hassen, Germany. It has 948 favorite votes. It was #1 until recently, and it is inactive for the last few month. It was hidden only on September 2009, and it has 2185 visits.

4.  Lego – einer ist zuviel – traditional cache from Berlin Germany with 865 favorite votes.

5.  Groundspeak Headquarters with 804 votes. I will give you 1 guess where this cache is hidden. I can also give you 2 hints. It has a special type of HQ, and the grounspeak headquarters are located in Seattle.

6.  Schatz des Drachen – an unknown cache located in an unknown place in Hessen Germany. It has 748 votes and it was found by 1780 geocachers.

Want to know something else? Die Helden the geocacher who hid total of 10 caches, hid both Geist Des Hagen, the Ring der Nibelungen cache, this cache, and 3 other caches in the top 25 favorite caches.

If you saw these caches, know why the germany caches are disabled**, or have any thoughts, feel free to leave them.


So long for now,

May the signal be with you!



*Thanks DcCow for this info.

**according to the comments, the caches were disabled because trees in the cache area are going to be cut.

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Geocaching USA State Capital – raw data


In the last post I was asked to share the raw data, so I have posted my data in the following URL.

If you’re doing something with it, please share.



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geocaching usa – which state is the geocaching capital?


Have you ever wondered how many caches are there in the states?

which state has the most/least caches?

which state has the most/least caches per population?

what about per its size?

And if we can answer all of these questions, maybe, we can find which state is the USA geocaching capital!

So to answer our first question : there are about 745,000 caches in the states (data is relevant for November 2011).

Most/Least caches

Here are the states with the most caches:

  1. California – 98595 caches
  2. Texas – 48759 caches
  3. Florida – 32861 caches

And which state got the least caches?

  1. Hawaii – 1387
  2. North Dakota – 1506
  3. Delaware – 1775


Our next category is the caches per population. We know that California has the most caches, but it also has the highest population in the states (~37 millions people).

This category gives advantage to states that are not much populated, and indeed the leading states are: Idaho (with 118 people for every cache), Utah (with 119 people for every cache), and South Dakota (with 122 people for every cache).

The worst states in this category are again Hawaii (with 980 people for every cache), Maryland (with 973 people for every cache), and New York (with 881 people for every cache).


Third question was referring to the ratio between state size and cache number. We can safely assume that small states may have less caches, but what about the cache density?

The leading states are Rhode island (with a cache for every 0.78 square mile!), New Jersey (with a cache for every 0.83 sq. mile), and Connecticut (with a cache for every 0.94 square mile).

The worst states in this category are Alaska (with a cache for every 147 square mile), North Dakota (46), and Montana (30).

So which state is the capital?

I took the liberty of giving ranks to each state, where the formula is basically as following:

state rank = (cache number rank) + (population/cache rank) + (caches/area rank).

So who is the winner (drums…..).

And the answer is: Oregon! It has 27086 caches (number 4), with a cache for every 141 people (number 5), and a cache for every 3.63 square mile (number 21).

A close second is California with the following numbers – 98595 caches (1), a cache for every 377 people (23), which is located in every 1.66 square mile (7).

Third is Utah, and the forth state is Washington.

So congratulations to Oregon!!!

If you have other ideas, you agree, or you disagree, feel free to leave your comments!


Hope you enjoyed this post,


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